Make more money cashing checks while protecting yourself from risky transactions.

AllTrust Networks check cashing solutions are complete check cashing systems that reduces check losses and speeds check cashing. Take advantage of our optional fingerprint scanning technology and nation’s largest biometric database to verify your customer’s identity.

  • Improve operational controls
  • Add fee-based revenue stream
  • Reduce fraud and losses
  • Ensure loyal customers

Using AllTrust Networks, grocery retailers can now:

  • Speed check cashing transaction time. Promote friendlier check cashing experience
  • Enjoy simple one-time customer enrollment. Use at any location within a chain with our multi-store service
  • Automatically verify each transaction against AllTrust's proprietary national database of bad check writers
  • Verify check account status in real-time to determine account status
  • Deposit checks electronically - save time, more secure transactions and faster access to funds
  • Easily comply with government regulations - online CTR and SAR reports as well as SDN OFAC list screening.
  • Guarantee all qualified payroll checks
  • Issue fee-based rebates that are tied to in-store shopping using Paycheck Secure’s voucher program
  • Offer other money services on one platform

Experience immediate return on investment

Minimize Risk & Measurable Reduce Losses

Using AllTrust’s national negative list of bad check issuers and bad check cashers helps your store reduce fraud and protects you from cashing bad checks.

Improve Customer Service and Loyalty

Enroll your customers at any one of your locations with our multi-store service. On subsequent visits, customers need only place his/her finger on the scanner to safely and securely cash checks. The information is shared across all of your stores and is easily accessed at a corporate level for detailed reporting.

Generate Fee-Based Income

Generate immediate, recurring fee-based income on check cashing services or use our voucher system to issue fee rebates that incentivize in-store shopping.

See What Our Customers are Saying:

The Paycheck Secure check cashing solution provides my grocery customers a new level of convenience and discretion. It creates a sense of trust and privacy which makes customers want to come to my store more often.
Roger Lowe, Jr. CEO,
Lowe's Pay and Save, Inc

Learn more about how retailers are using AllTrust Networks:

Piggly Wiggly/Cresent Foods (Mt. Olive, NC)
The Paycheck Secure system's comprehensive record keeping capabilities helps this retailer stay compliant with state regulations.
Supermercado Suksa (Houston, TX)
Paycheck Secure has helped this independent grocer reduce management oversight, improve staff scheduling and gives them a clear picture of profits generated by check cashing
El Pueblo Market (Wasco, CA)
This small Hispanic market used Paycheck Secure to stop their $1,500-a-month check fraud problem.
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Wright's Food (Opelika, AL)
This small grocer has found that offering rebates with check cashing transactions keeps customers in the store to buy groceries.
Malone's Cost Plus (Dallas, TX)
This 7-store grocery chain has saved more than $185,000 since installing Paycheck Secure.
Rosauers (WA, ID, OR and MT)
This 21-store chain in the Northwest says that Paycheck Secure has "given dignity back to customers without checking accounts."