As a c-store owner, you are always looking for new ways to diversify your business. Now you can offer check cashing and bill payment services - great revenue opportunities - while minimizing cash handling concerns.

  • Additional fee-based revenue for your store
  • Increased store traffic and sales
  • Improved customer loyalty

Using AllTrust Networks, Convenience Store retailers can:

  • Look up customers with their finger - no ID needed after enrollment.
  • Automatically verify each transaction against AllTrust's proprietary national database of bad check writers.
  • Speed check cashing transaction and search time; promoting a friendlier check cashing experience.
  • Real-time confirmation of a check maker account to determine if it is open, active, or overdrawn.
  • Deposit checks electronically - significant time savings, more secure transactions and faster access to funds (Next-day funding available).
  • Easily comply with government MSB regulations- online CTR and SAR reports as well as SDN OFAC list screening. Every transaction and enrollment is cross referenced with the SDN OFAC list.
  • Participate in a check guarantee program for all payroll checks.

Multi-store Feature

If you are store with multiple locations, you can benefit from our multi-store enrollment feature. Your customer only needs to register once, and then they can cash checks at any store within your chain. The AllTrust Network will download the record of a customer who is enrolled at another store in the same chain

  • Customer saves time and inconvenience of an additional enrollment. They simply put their finger down, and system will look them up within the local store; if they are not there, system will search for a matching record within the chain.

Your store can provide a great service to your customers while benefiting from capturing additional data – the customer’s entire check cashing history within your chain is available.

See What Our Customers are Saying

Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. Here is a small sample of what 2,000 merchants in 46 states using AllTrust Networks have to say about the system:

I've seen systems demoed from other companies and nothing compares to Paycheck Secure. It's a great system and worth every penny.
Rafik Shuman
Owner, PAL Market
Using Paycheck Secure; we have their fingerprint, picture, ID image & check history. Police sometimes come to us now, because of information we capture. I'd be afraid to cash a check without it.
Becky Harrington
Check Ops Mgr, Langley Inc.
Montgomery, AL

Learn more about how retailers are using Paycheck Secure:

Brightseat Liquors (Landover, MD)
This liquor store used to regularly lose $500 in a single check cashing transaction; now they've expanded their check cashing business ten-fold with Paycheck Secure.